quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012

Daniel Picado / THE portuguese FRENCH CONNECTION

Here's a preview of our new co-worker and incredible talented and wonderful mate Daniel Picado.
Born in Portugal, raised in the World and shooting from Paris for Full Leather Jacket.

Welcome Monsieur Picado.

Portuguese Male Top Models / Top 10

Jonathan Sampaio and Kevin Sampaio


Lisboa   http://www.centralmodels.pt/centralWhiteIndex.php
Paris      http://www.fordmodelseurope.com/
N Y       http://www.wilhelmina.com/

Since Jonathan and Kevin started to show up in the business they meteorically rised from scrap to  representing portuguese man in the highest level.
With they're love for martial arts, uber masculanity and friendly smile they conquered hand by hand like forces of nature, most of the important shows all over the biggest fashion weeks worldwide and campaigns like Dsquared and Macys.
Although they're career might always be worked on  a twins base it doesn't mean they can't go solo.
Double cheers for this two great portuguese lads.

                                                                                                                      Johnathan Sampaio

Kevin Sampaio

J & K

sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

Portuguese SKIN

There's something about the skin that makes people fall in love with each other.
Some people dream to touch they're loved ones skin and to fell the the warmth, and the creamy feel of silk in they're hands, letting this feeling flow to the head. They close the eyes and enter the voyage.
Portuguese skin has been conquering the world for 600 years... Only now, we do it a litlle bit sexyer.

Bruno Rosendo

Carlos Ferra

Pedro Martin

Rodrigo Santos

Ruben Rua

André Chee

Fernando Cabral

Johnathan Sampaio

Kevin Sampaio