sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2012

Lisboa Rocks

Groing up in Lisboa in the early 90's was the best experience as a teenager. We had safe streets, spectrum 48k, no internet, no cellphones. Still everyone was in touch, and when metal and hard-rock were in the pick of it's health, people had to wait months to see their guitar heroes. Going to a concert was more than a venue, and you can see it when Phil Anselmo never sings alone, how people scream in Metallica and after Axl Rose was a dick... we the fans just wanted to be a part of it... here are videos from the best concerts one should have never missed in Lisboa, with obvious bad resolution but with great spirit.

Guns n' Roses / Faith No More in the old Estadio Jose de Alvalade 2/7/1992
Metallica / Suicidal Tendencies in the old Estadio Jose de Alvalade16/6/1993
Pantera in Dramatico de Cascais 17/10/1994

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