quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

QOTSA Terminal 5

I traveled 5450kms to see without a doubt one of the best rock concerts that a true fan (not only of QOTSA, but also as Rock gender fan) can watch...
The show was raw, unadorned and it was GORGEOUS.
The hall of Terminal 5 in Midtown West has been chosen for the concert, and the choice couldn't have been better because I was literally all the concert 3 meters from the band.
Within Terminal 5 area, which is used normally as a nighclub, the stage was setup on the right side of the entrance, and the artists had in front of them a "small" legion of loyal "sing-along"fans (small because in the end were about 500 people), the vast majority were on the ground floor and the rest distributed over the two floors using the balconies that bypassed the stage in a U shape.
The energy and empathy between audience and band was felt on since the opening act by the The Dough Rollers who have made a good performance. But it was clear, everyone was looking forward for the main event of the night , and it did not take a single chord from the band from California to hear the crowd screaming.
Once the lights dimmed and the room lit up the stage everyone including those in the bars rushed to the stage in a frentic harmony.
It was simply brilliant.
The concert lasted a good two hours begining with the song "Regular John" epitaf to what would happen next, andby the way a great choice of starting song and finished with the song "No One Knows". We were blessed with two encores.

Set List

1.Regular John
3.If Only
4.Walkin’ on the Sidewalks
5.You Would Know
6.How to Handle a Rope
8.Hispanic Impressions
9.The Bronze
10.Give the Mule What He Wants
11.I Was a Teenage Hand Model
12.You Can’t Quit Me Baby

Encore 1

13.Turnin’ on the Screw
14.Long Slow Goodbye
15.Little Sister

Encore 2

16.Burn the Witch
17.Make It Wit Chu
18.No One Knows

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